By far the most impressive replacement for natural teeth today, modern advanced titanium dental implants offer a truly outstanding combination of function and appearance when it comes to providing a stable foundation on which to restore a client’s smile using a crown, bridge or denture. The White Dental Company is arguably the best clinic for implants in the area.

A safe, long established, well tried and tested procedure, the fitting of dental implants involves a small operation, most commonly performed under local anaesthetic although sedation can often help more nervous patients. A genuinely attractive solution to tooth loss, both aesthetically and functionally, the results cannot be distinguished from real teeth, will make no impact on your remaining healthy teeth, and offer the kind of secure fit and self-confidence our patients look for over the long term.

Whether the gap in your smile is the result of a sporting injury, disease or decay or a congenital (childhood) absence, speak to one of our specialists today about dental implants. The effects are truly transformational. See our pricing page for information.